Introducing Sour IPA with Lactose, the 29th release under our Taproom Series.

Sour IPAs, NEIPA’s tart but not so distant cousin, is a relatively new beer style typically brewed as “kettled soured beer”. In place of a traditional mash, kettle sours undergo a “sour mash.” Instead of boiling the beer, adding hops and then cooling it for yeast, the liquid is boiled, cooled, and dosed with lactobasillus. The mixture then chills out for a bit in the kettle while the liquid sours. Once the desired level of tartness is achieved, the brewing process is resumed. Boil; add hops; cool wort; add yeast, let ferment, and then add copious amounts of dry hop, in our case Simcoe and El Dorado.

Our version pours a hazy deep gold, with an off white head. It introduces itself with a burst of citrus aroma accented with a dank and apricot presence. The sourness accentuates the hop flavors and raises the fruit juiciness. On the pallet the use of oats and lactose(milk sugar) add a touch of sweetness to counterpoint the acidity while creating a full, supple mouthfeel and body. It’s hoppy with layers of citrusy fruits, a punchy zing and almost no bitterness. Medium-bodied and aromatic, tart and refreshing with a long-lasting finish.

Pairs well with fish, pork tenderloin and lockdown long weekends.