Announcing the 40th release in our limited edition taproom series, Rye and Ginger Ale 2.0.

Our re-vamped 🧛 Rye and Ginger Ale is here just in time for Halloween. Pouring a light amber colour 🎃, with a just a touch of spooky haze it’s made with generous amounts of freshly zested ginger 🔪 and 40% Rye malt to add a touch of spice. Scents of fresh ginger, doughy caramel malt, spicy rye graininess and hints of cinnamon. Upon sipping you’ll notice a creep of ginger tingle followed by a grainy malt sweetness and finishing with a hint of rye spice. Light to medium bodied, efflorescent and moderately dry finish. Pairs well with travel cups and trick or treating, cool fall nights and ginger treats.