Introducing Märzen, the 27th release under our limited run 174 Taproom Series.

Märzen, a direct translation for March in German, is a lager style bier dating back to pre-16th century Bavaria. Traditionally brewed in the spring, it was crafted with a slightly higher alcohol content and hop profile in order to extend shelf life while it conditioned in cellars throughout the summer as it was too warm to brew and beer production was verboten. Come fall, brewers needed to free up the barrels to resume their craft. In order to move the liquid in a hurry, it was decided an epic shaker would be held which led to the birth of Oktoberfest in 1810.

Our version pours a brilliant light amber with a lasting off-white head offering a rich bready aroma. The malt forward backbone brings a subtle sweetness that’s well balanced by the addition of German Noble hops that add a floral and slight herbal character without being too bitter. Medium bodied with moderate carbonation and an almost creamy mouthfeel leads to a slightly dry finish with a hint of alcohol warmth.

Pair this beauty with grilled sausage, rich cheeses and socially responsible St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.