This week we  launch the second release in our new exciting Experimental Series of beers…with more new releases every two weeks!

Once again the creative minds at Broadhead went into the lab wondering what would happen if we made a ginger ale … with emphasis on the ‘ale’.  So we did          a few of our own experiments in beer brewing with different ingredients to               see what would happen.

The result of this experimental release is a beer called…. “Rye and Ginger”

Broadhead Brewing Rye & Ginger

Broadhead Brewing Rye & Ginger


In this seductive experiment, fresh ginger, lemons and limes were juiced and infused into this malty sweet mix of rye and barley grains. A rye raciness and           ginger jolt make Broadhead’s “Rye and Ginger” an enticing encounter.


Aroma:  Malty sweet, lemon, lime, ginger

Appearance:  Light brown

Flavour: Malty sweet, lemon, lime, ginger

Mouthfeel: Medium body, smooth, light ginger “bite”

ABV:  5.1%

SRM: 17

IBU:  20


Growlers of “Rye & Ginger” are now available for sale at the Broadhead Brewery while they last.

You can also enjoy this special limited release on tap in Ottawa at the Black Tomato, the Cheshire Cat Pub or in Kingston at The Brooklyn.

Quantity of each brew in the Broadhead Experimental Series will limited to just one single 750L batch – with a completely different ‘experiment’ batch release every 2 weeks!