‘It started as a simple experiment ‘

How many times have you heard that?  A lot of good, bad and even ugly things have been developed through experimentation. Without  experimentation where would we be? Life would be kind bland and boring. Who needs that???

With that as our motivation – and the fact that it’s really cold outside & really warm inside our brewery –  we decided it was time to see what would happen if we did a few of our own  experiments in beer brewing to see what would happen. Things we’ve often wondered about but never really gave it a try, we  are now playing with. From  different ingredients & mixes to  techniques and styles – we’re messing around in our lab.

We’re hoping you’d be interested in ‘testing’ the results with us – kind of like ‘Broadhead beer loving lab rats’ …that could someday take over the world!!!!         But I digress – Where was I?

This week we launch the first (of 4  – planned but who knows?) releases  in our new exciting Broadhead Experimental Series.

Quantity of each brew will limited to only be a single 750L batch  – with acompletely different ‘experiment’ batch release every 2 weeks!

Broadhead Brewing "Set Phasers To Smokin' Bock"

Broadhead Experimental Series#1

First up is a beer called …. “Set Phasers to Smokin’ Bock

In this experiment, cherry wood smoked malts mingle with Munich malts for a magentic medley of smoky sweetness. At 6.5% ABV, you will feel the alcohol warmth when Broadhead’s Bock hits the spot!

Aroma:  Light cherry wood smoke, toasty, slightly fruity.
Appearance:  Dark brown.
Flavour: Malty, smoky, toasty, sweet, fruity, alcohol.
Mouthfeel: Full body, smooth, alcohol warming.

ABV:  6.5%
SRM: 18
IBU:  20

Growlers of  “Set Phasers To Smokin’ Bock” are now available for sale at the Broadhead Brewery while they last.

You can also enjoy this special limited release on tap in Ottawa at:
Arrow & Loon
Black Tomato
Cheshire Cat
Corner Bar (Orleans location)
The Manx