Introducing the newest inductee to our Classic line-up, Broadhead Light!
Broadhead light is a Clean, refreshing, and slightly hoppy beer showcasing a light grainy malt sweetness. It carries a distinct hop presence and robust flavours not typically found in your modern mass production light lagers. It’s a must try for macro lovers and craft lovers alike.
Broadhead light punches in with great flavours and the lower ABV our customers have been asking for.
But as one door opens, one is known to close, and with this we will say goodbye to friend Lager. Our hope is that our Lager loving friends will give Broadhead Light a try and notice the same great taste in a new calorie and ABV reduced brew!
Our light beer will be offered for $2.79 + taxes and deposit for a 473ml can and $56.92 + taxes and deposit per 24 can case.