December 20, 2014

Holiday Cheers to Beer 2014!


Mon   Dec 22   10am – 6pm
Tue   Dec 23   10am – 6pm
Wed   Dec 24   10am – 6pm
Thu   Dec 25   CLOSED
Fri   Dec 26   10am – 8pm
Sat   Dec 27   10am – 5pm
Sun   Dec 28   CLOSED
Mon   Dec 29   10am – 6pm
Tue   Dec 30   10am – 6pm
Wed   Dec 31   10am – 6pm
Thu   Jan 1   CLOSED
Fri   Jan 2   10am – 8pm
Sat   Jan 3   10am – 5pm
Sun   Jan 4   CLOSED

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Patricia Watts says:

December 23 2015

Hello: I had purchased a Groupon last year and never got to use it. Actually I wanted my son and daughter in law to use it and as they live in Toronto, they never got here to visit, and I forgot about it. Groupon says I can use the $22 which is what I paid for it on something. Can it go towards a tour or tasting or just product? Please let me know. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas to all of you. Trish Watts