August 8, 2013

Bodacious Blueberry Blonde

Packing an awesome-gnarly-radical punch is our latest creation – Bodacious Blueberry Blonde Ale.  When you take a sip of this one, you’ll be reminded that summer is still in full swing!  Watch out – there’s a wallop of blueberry flavour and aroma in a clear golden blonde ale (we tried for blue, but it turns out you need a *lot* of blueberries to make that happen!)

We brewed this one with fresh-picked local blueberries from Canaan Blueberries just outside of Ottawa.  Thanks go out to to M&B for filling such a big order for us.

This brew is a single release – meaning when it’s gone, it’s gone!  We set 100 growlers aside for sale at the brewery.  One keg went into storage for Jamie White’s wedding (he’s wanted us to brew this beer since the first day he walked into Josh’s garage 3 years ago.)  The rest will be on tap next week at the following locations:

  • The Alibi (Kingston)
  • Arrow & Loon
  • Brothers Beer Bistro
  • Corner Bar & Grill (Westboro)
  • Johnny Farina
  • Rochester Pub
  • Two Six Ate

Cheers, and Happy National Capital Craft Beer Week!



Larry hyndman says:

April 19 2017

Just tried the blueberry beer last night for firdt time. WOW! Thanks. Used to bring a couple of twelve packs of Sea Dog back from Maine each summer. No need to now. Thanks. Regards,Larry Kanata.

Perry W. says:

April 04 2017

I picked up a Bodacious Blue Berry Blonde today at the beer store....that's a great beer and reminds me of summer for sure. Great brew guys!!

Catherine says:

March 10 2017

So sad I cant get this in Brampton! :( Tried it at the Redneck Bistro and fell in love. Where can I get it???

Robert Hildebrand says:

October 09 2016

So sad it's a one and done!! One of the best beers I ever tasted. Stumbled across it at a St.Catharines Beer Store. Cleaned them out. Truly a sad day!

laura says:

September 10 2016

Kingston ribfest and craft beer Sept 16, stopped by accident and gave 4 oz a try of "long shot white", while leaving my token saw the smaller signage in the back of "blueberry blonde", decided I would come back for a taste. Well I just kept coming back. Both were great but blueberry blonde was a big hit at the table of men and women. My goal is to see if it is carried in kingston, ontario

Ray says:

July 16 2016

My friend went to the Toronto Craft Beer Festival last month and just introduced me to your Bodacious Blueberry Blonde Ale today. All I can say is "Holy F&ck!!" Just an amazing Blonde Ale all around! I'm starting to get into fruit flavoured Blonde Ales and this certainly goes to the top of my list now. Please keep us posted when you come back to future Toronto beer festivals!

Doug says:

July 10 2016

I had this today at Craft in Toronto.... OMG OMG OMG I loved it. I am searching where I can get it. Will it be in stores soon ?

Mike says:

June 25 2016

I have to give you fellas a huge pat on the back! My wife sent me to find blueberry beer and I lucked out to get some right off the skid, being unloaded at the Beer Store on Terry Fox. The aroma and flavour is outstanding! Being born and raised in the maritimes, moved here 9 years ago, we used to pick blueberries at home in NS and this ale brought back great memories of home. Hats off to your crew for pulling this awesome craft beer together. Cheers!

Denis says:

June 10 2016

I'm pouring this at Doc Magilligans right now ! We should be on that list . :) Amazing beer , thanks guys !

Josh says:

May 31 2016

Hi Paula, the Bodacious Blueberry Blonde will be stocked in Beer Stores and grocery stores in the next couple weeks!

Paula says:

May 26 2016

Any updates on Bodacious Blueberry Blonde being stocked at the LCBO? I just tried it for the first time at CRAFT in Ottawa and LOVED it!!

Josh says:

May 16 2016

Currently it's only available on tap and retail at the brewery in Ottawa. We are hoping to have it on the shelves in select Beer Stores and grocery stores before the end of May!

Stephen says:

May 14 2016

Just stumbled upon your Bodascious Blue berry blonde at 'Craft' in Liberty Village in Toronto Yesterday. It was great....hence question: How can i get it here in Guelph?

Josh says:

May 10 2016

Thanks! You can pick up kegs at the brewery in Ottawa: 613-695-9444

jen says:

May 10 2016

Best beer I've had in a while. How can I buy this in a keg

Veronica says:

September 14 2015

Just had this at The Brooklyn in Kingston. So delicious!!! Please bottle this so I can stick up at home.

Daphne says:

August 30 2015

I had your beer last night at Abe Erb in Waterloo and it was amazing. I did everything I could to get our server to sell me a growler but sadly he wouldn't. Is there anywhere that I can buy it locally???? You would make me the happiest woman anywhere!

Sandy says:

August 07 2015

You bodacious blueberry blonde was the best beer I have ever had. My husband, a seasoned beer expert, LOVED it! Please bottle this beer for the masses to enjoy. I don't even like beer but I am now a convert! This work be a public service....please?

Tara says:

September 11 2014

Was the most amazing beer flavor I have ever had! The blueberry blew me away! You guys did an amazing job! I hope to see more of this around!

Jason says:

August 29 2014

This fantastic one off has made it's way all the way down south to Billy's Pub and Grill in Essex (Windsor) Ontario! We are very pleased to introduce Broadhead Brewery onto our taps but you'll have to hurry in if you want a taste of blueberry because we have one of the last kegs of it. Other Broadhead products available.

Josh says:

October 03 2013

Unfortunately not, it went very quick. By popular demand, we will most likely brew this again next year!

Dan says:

October 03 2013

Do you have any blueberry growlers for sale at the brewery?