Packing an awesome-gnarly-radical punch is our latest creation – Bodacious Blueberry Blonde Ale.  When you take a sip of this one, you’ll be reminded that summer is still in full swing!  Watch out – there’s a wallop of blueberry flavour and aroma in a clear golden blonde ale (we tried for blue, but it turns out you need a *lot* of blueberries to make that happen!)

We brewed this one with fresh-picked local blueberries from Canaan Blueberries just outside of Ottawa.  Thanks go out to to M&B for filling such a big order for us.

This brew is a single release – meaning when it’s gone, it’s gone!  We set 100 growlers aside for sale at the brewery.  One keg went into storage for Jamie White’s wedding (he’s wanted us to brew this beer since the first day he walked into Josh’s garage 3 years ago.)  The rest will be on tap next week at the following locations:

  • The Alibi (Kingston)
  • Arrow & Loon
  • Brothers Beer Bistro
  • Corner Bar & Grill (Westboro)
  • Johnny Farina
  • Rochester Pub
  • Two Six Ate

Cheers, and Happy National Capital Craft Beer Week!