Introducing Imperial Stout, the 23rd release under our limited run 174 Taproom Series and the final of 2020.

When Peter the Great took a trip to London in 1698 to open up Czarist Russia to the West, he knocked back a few Porters (which were all the rage at the time) and made a request to have this delicious nectar shipped back to share with his good friends in the Imperial court. Much like the story with IPA’s, the long voyage resulted in the first shipment spoiling and required brewers to amp up hop levels and alcohol content; acting as a natural preservative. The Russian Imperial Stout style was born.

Pouring almost midnight black with a dark tan head, our take uses seven different malts and a generous amount of Cascade and Columbus hops; delivering rich flavours and aromas of dark chocolate, coffee and dried fruit. Ringing in at an assertive 9.5% ABV, this complex sipper is lightly carbonated giving it a soft, velvety mouthfeel with a long bittersweet finish and a noticeable alcohol warmth. Pair with a juicy porterhouse steak🥩, creamy cheeses🧀, chocolate desserts🍫, deep conversations around the fire😊 and an Uber ride home🚗. Pro-tip: this beer will age well so don’t be shy on picking up a few extras for the cellar.