Introducing Strawberry Gose (5.0% ABV, 10 IBU): the 15th release under our limited run 174 Taproom Series.

Gose (pronounced goes-uh) traces back to the 13th century from the small town of Goslar in Eastern Germany. Traditionally brewed using open fermentation at warm temperatures with a 50-60% grain bill of malted wheat, this style was typically unfiltered and lower ABV with a light hop bitterness. The addition of ground coriander seeds gave the beer a certain spiciness and a dry finish, with a distinct salinity and tartness derived from the rich salt deposits absorbed into natural water supply.

Our version was brewed with Warrior and Simcoe hops and then fermented and aged on fresh strawberries, sourced locally from the good people @rideaupinesfarm . Pouring burnished gold with a pinkish hue, this unfiltered ale is slightly hazy in appearance, delivering big aromas and flavours of strawberry with subtle notes of stone fruit and a touch of breadiness from two-row and wheat malt. Light in body with bright carbonation, this Gose is clean and crisp, offering a refreshing tartness, and finishing dry with light salinity from the addition of pink Himalayan sea salt. A perfect way to enjoy those dog days of summer.