Built from scratch by hard-working locals, Broadhead takes pride in a truly DIY approach to all things beer. We designed and constructed our brewing space with the same imagination and gusto that we put into our beer. From the bar and grain mill chute that we built, to the customized brewing equipment and software that we designed, all of it reflects Broadhead at its core: a proud Underdog brewery.

Today, with Broadhead now six years strong, each pint is a reminder of the uncountable days and nights we put in to get the brew house – and our beers – just right.

And the adventure continues! We’re looking to recruit another brewer onto the team. As a member of Broadhead’s Brew Crew, you’d be responsible for:

– Brewing and all related activities (from grinding malt to pitching yeast)
– Managing and monitoring fermentation
– Monitoring quality, flavor and carbonation of finished beers
– Daily maintenance and cleaning of the brewing equipment and brewery
– Creating the brew production schedule based on forecasts and trends, working with the Head of Sales
– Planning and developing seasonal beer offerings, in collaboration with the Brewmaster
– Talking to the public and serving customers at the brewery retail store

The position is 37.5 hours per week, paid on salary. A flexible schedule is required, based on production demand, and will include some weekends.

Brewing experience is required (homebrewing is fine). Must be able to lift/carry 25kg, and be comfortable working on ladders.

Resumes will be accepted until December 23rd. Please send all correspondence and applications to