Head’s up!  We have a small change to the price of our growlers that’ll be rolled out starting tomorrow.

Broadhead will be reducing the cost of a growler deposit to $4. It’s not a big change, but an important one. The price will now match other breweries in the area and allows Broadhead to enter into a collaboration on bottle returns (more on that down the road).

With that said, the price of the beer in that growler will now increase to $11 (up a dollar). We really like to keep our pricing in check and regret the increase, but it’s a necessary bump to cover the cost of brewing up and bottling the delicious beer you know and love.

To summarize! A new growler will still cost $15, no change there. But make sure you bring an extra buck if you’re looking for a refill.

Thanks for your understanding!

Team Broadhead