Stop By The Brewery For Some

Sweet Broadhead Gear

If you’re searching for some cool Broadhead goods, look no further! By that, we mean look through this webpage. Our stuff is only for sale at the brewery right now, but that just means it comes with free beer samples.

Our Swag

Broadhead's Fancy Toque

John the Incredible (Orange) Hulk: You wouldn't like him when he's angry.


Broadhead Toque

Toss this toque on and you'll be snow-blowing your driveway in style.


Broadhead Trucker Snapback Cap

Charcoal grey / neon orange Broadhead snapback beauty. You're welcome.


Broadhead Hockey Jersey

For all your hockey needs.


Broadhead Grindstone Soap

Mmmm... Smells like beer.


Broadhead Dark Horse Soap

Mmmm... Smells like beer too.


Broadhead Three-Quarter Sleeve

Co-Founder AND sexy model? Yup.


Broadhead Pint Glass

This pint glass proudly shows off our logo of a pint glass. Trippy.


Broadhead Orange T

A throwback Broadhead T-shirt that your old man will appreciate.


Broadhead Brown Hoodie

You know your life is good when this is what you wear to work.


Broadhead Tap Handle

Man your kegerator looks boring. You should buy this tap handle for it.


Broadhead White T

Years in development, this T-shirt is the perfect shade of white.


The Fine Print

Please note, prices include HST