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Get your hands on a Broadhead and you’ll find yourself knocking back a handcrafted beer that’s headstrong, well-balanced and brim full of flavour. Sounds pretty good right? Sure it does.



Tangerine Machine


Back by popular demand! This sexy beast is heavily hopped with a variety of 4 different hops: Citra, Warrior, Galaxy, & Amarillo! Light body, dark blonde colour, crisp, hoppy taste with a citrus blast on the finish.

  • Style: IPA
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.0
  • Bitterness (IBU): 55
  • Color (SRM): 6.9



Prairie Giant


Broadhead's strongest beer is a hazy brown, Dunkel Weiss "Prairie Giant". With the recent passing of Canadian icon Gord Downie, we wanted to come up with a beer representative of the Canadian Prairies that Gord loved so much. Prairie Giant has aromas of spicy bananas and fuji apples, with a creamy mouthfeel and banana/clove flavours.

  • Style: Dunkel Weiss
  • Alcohol (ABV): 7.0%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 20
  • Color (SRM): 15



Pumpkin Accord


Looking for something to warm you up this Fall? Try our first ever pumpkin beer: the Broadhead Pumpkin Accord. It's an amber ale with a light body and sweet (bread and caramel) finish. Spiced like your grandma's pumpkin pie; with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice.

  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.5%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 25
  • Color (SRM): 12



Silver Fox


Looking for a lighter beer that still has that delicious small-batch, craft beer taste? Don't like hoppy/bitter beer? Look no further! Silver Fox is Broadhead's lightest offering; pale straw colour with light aromas of raspberry and cereal. Easy drinking beer, perfect for an aggressive beer pong game or just to sit back and relax.

  • Style: Light Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 4.1%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 7
  • Color (SRM): 1.5



Bodacious Blueberry Blonde

Now available year-round! KEG GROWLER CAN

Broadhead’s Bodacious Blueberry Blonde has been ninja’d to pack an awesome berry punch. Our most sought-after seasonal, this crisp golden ale blends an alluring smoothness with an artful burst of blueberry flavour.

  • Style: Blonde Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 12.0
  • Color (SRM): 4.5

Underdog Pale

Available at the Brewery Now! KEG GROWLER

Broadhead’s Underdog Pale Ale is a hard-hitting, deliciously hoppy beer that delivers a strong, lingering, bitter finish. Balanced by a foundation of malt and a subtle sweetness that give Underdog its lively character, Broadhead’s Underdog packs a serious punch.

  • Style: Pale Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.2%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 41.2
  • Color (SRM): 6.9

Wildcard Ale

Available at the Brewery Now! KEG GROWLER

Broadhead’s Wildcard Ale is a refreshing, lightly bittered beer that stacks the deck with a delicious hint of satisfying citrus. Hops wild, this smooth brew might use a different hop variety now and again, but rest assured this Wildcard is a mouth-watering winner.

  • Style: Pale Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 22.7
  • Color (SRM): 5.2

Dark Horse Stout

Available at the Brewery Now! KEG GROWLER CAN

Broadhead’s Dark Horse Stout is a full-bodied, rich and creamy oatmeal stout that bristles with bold, unbridled taste. Blending roasted malt and oatmeal for a solid footing, this smooth, dark beer has shades of bitterness that gives Dark Horse the perfect edge.

  • Style: Oatmeal Stout
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.5%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 25.5
  • Color (SRM): 34.2

Grindstone Amber

Available at the Brewery Now! KEG GROWLER CAN

Broadhead’s Grindstone Amber is a tenacious and tasty, rich-coloured amber ale that is hell-bent on hitting the spot. Bolstered by just the right balance of base malts, and finished with a strong but sweet sharpness, Grindstone is not for the laid-back beer drinker.

  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 4.8%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 25.7
  • Color (SRM): 11.8

Long Shot White

Available at the Brewery Now! KEG GROWLER

Broadhead’s Long Shot White is a fresh, fruit-flavoured wheat ale that’s brewed to be hazy and brazen. A spirited, sweet and slightly spicy beer that perfectly mingles coriander with orange overtones, Broadhead’s Long Shot is a real flavourful favourite.

  • Style: Wheat Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 13.5
  • Color (SRM): 5.3

Backbone Standard

Available at the Brewery Now! KEG GROWLER

Broadhead’s Backbone Standard is a hearty, all-grain golden ale that’s crisp, well-balanced and overflowing with flavour. Lightly hopped with a medium body leading to a refreshing, sweet finish, Backbone is the cornerstone of Broadhead’s dependable beer.

  • Style: Blonde Ale
  • Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%
  • Bitterness (IBU): 15.0
  • Color (SRM): 4.0


1.89L - $11 (plus $4 deposit)

At Broadhead, nothing makes us giddier than a growler of beer. There’s no better way to crush a couple of micro-brewed pints with your buddies. These handsome 1.89L jugs are only available for purchase at the brewery.


19L - $90, 30L - $138, 58.6L - $265 (plus deposit)

They are like mansions for your beer! Call us in advance to ensure availability (in other words, reserve them so we don’t drink 'em). Don’t forget you need to liberate that beer! Ask us about dispensing equipment.


473 mL - $2.85 - $2.95 (plus $0.10 deposit)

Looking for a more portable version of our brews? These 473 mL tallboy cans are what you're looking for! Currently limited to Grindstone Amber, Darkhorse Stout, and Bodacious Blueberry, but we're hard at work trying to get more of our styles into cans.


There’s nothing better than drinking delicious draught beer in the comfort of your home. Rent one of our kegerators for the weekend, transform your basement into a beloved community pub and you’ll see what we mean.

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