Grab Your Tools, Cause We're Going

Behind The Broadhead

Prepare yourself for one of the greatest videos (about Broadhead) ever made. Our Head Brewer Guy Josh Larocque took a break from beer engineering to explain how things are going for Team Broadhead after year one. Spoiler Alert: Josh opted not to shave for this film.

The Broadhead Brewing Company:

A True Underdog Tale

Built from the ground up by a couple scruffy looking locals, Broadhead serves up Ottawa’s most sought-after new brew. But, getting it off the ground wasn’t an easy feat. Kickstarting this proud Underdog brewery required grit, a little gumption and a whole lot of elbow grease.

The Best Part Of Our Brewery Tours?

Free Broadhead Beer

Did that get your attention? We thought it might. If you haven't made it out to the Broadhead brewery yet, it's high-time you did, because we serve up free samples of our headstrong, handcrafted ales! The brewery tour is cool too, but we all know what you're after.


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The Burning Question:

How do I get my hands around a broadhead beer?