June 30, 2020


As part of the second phase of the provincial governments plan to “Reopen Ontario”, we are excited to expand our offering to include draught beer service on our patio. Seating is limited and availability is first come, first served; we are not accepting reservations at this time.

While we are beyond thrilled to see everyone, we are mindful of our responsibility to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in our community. Taking into consideration trusted resources such as Ottawa Public Heath, Public Health Ontario, Ontario Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, Public Health Agency of Canada, Restaurants Canada, and the World Health Organization,


  • Developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Policy & Procedures manual to educate our staff.
  • Increased the frequency and extent of cleaning protocols including the sanitization of hard surfaces such as tables, seating, door handles, payment terminals, and washrooms.
  • Made hand sanitizer available at various stations throughout the facility.
  • Implemented the use of biodegradable single use cups on the patio.
  • Taken steps by way of signage and positioning of furniture to ensure social distancing practices are communicated and adhered to.
  • Limited payment services to debit or credit card only.
  • Required the use of PPE by staff when serving tables and in public indoor spaces.


  • Every guest who enters an indoor or outdoor seated area for the purpose of consuming will be required to fill out the Covid-19 customer log with their personal information which includes name, phone number, date of attendance and time of arrival.
  • Do not enter the premises if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days.
  • Wear a facemask when entering the premises in accordance with the Ottawa Public Health mandate EMPCA regulation 263-20 (effective July 07, 2020)
  • Respect social distancing practices and directional signage.
  • Use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the taproom.
  • Contactless payment is preferred.

Please be patient with us. We’re doing our very best to meet your expectations while ensuring we protect the health and safety of our staff, our customers, and our community.

This document was last updated: July 7, 2020

Contact for COVID-19 inquiries: Melissa Smith (melissa@broadheadbeer.com)